Binary Blitz the game to become a subnetting Jedi

Binary Blitz is a collection of fun mini-games to help perfect your subnetting and binary skills. Either pick a skill you want to focus on or play in shuffle mode. This is great if you are preparing for your CCNA / CCNP or an equivalent exam!

The Mini Games

  • Decimal to Binary
  • CIDR to Subnet Mask
  • Subnet Mask to CIDR
  • Wildcard Mask to Subnet Mask
  • Subnet Mask to Wilcard Mask
  • Find the Braodcast Address
  • Find the First Usable IP
  • Find the Last Usable IP
  • Find the Network Address


  • Focus on a skill or select skills in shuffle mode.
  • Beat your previous record high score
  • Review wrond answers to improve
  • Statistics to track your improvement
  • Free on Andros with Ads or a low price in app purchase to remove ads forever.



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