Citrix XenApp: Content Redirection give Access Denied when doubling clicking on a file


I recently had an issue tring to get Citrix’s Client Redirection Direction working, whenever certain users tried to double click on a file that should redirect to a server they received a message stating “Access is Denied”. However if they opening the application and then when to File => and selected the file everything was fine.


This is the solution which worked for me, if this does not help make sure Client Drive Mapping is working and that Redirection has been configured correctly.

For me the issue was related to the client computer not the server.

– First on the users AD account on the environment tab I made sure “Connect client drives at logon” was ticked

– I then made sure I did not have a GPO disabling client drives “Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Terminal Services\Client/Server data redirection\Do not allow drive redirection” should be set to not configured or disabled.

– I then found a post on the Citrix forum which did the trick for me

Essentially on the effected client I need to set NativeDriveMapping to True

HKLM\Software\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\ClientDrive

NativeDriveMApping = True

This was a fairly old version of the client, I guess updating it to the Online Plugin client may have also fixed the issue

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