How to Deploy Windows 7 Policy Settings

I am starting to look at deploying Windows 7 to some of our Laptops.

Our Domain controllers are mostly Windows 2003 and there is a single Window 2008 controller. I was a little un-sure if we needed to upgrade our DC’s to 2008 R2 before we could set Windows 7 GPO’s.

Essentially the answer is no your don’t have to upgrade a single one of your DC’s before you can set Windows 7 GPO’s but you will need a Windows 7 client with the Remote Server Administration Toolkit (RSAT) installed, alternatively you can use a 2008 R2 Server to configure the policies.

The below YouTub video will guide you though the process of installing RSAT on a Windows 7 Client.

Microsoft have also made an excellent Excel spreadsheet available listing all of the policies than can be configured, which can be found here

I found this information out on the Microsoft’s official Group Policy blog thanks guys!



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