Installing Select Plus Remote Desktop Cals


Recently I needed to install a bundle of server 2008 Remote Desktop cals which had been purchased under a Select Plus agreement

My problem was I could not get the automatic activation working within the “TS Licensing Manager” tool as Select Plus is not listed as one of the available license program and tring to use Select or Open got me no where


I found a method of manually activating the licenses;

First you will need some details about you Select Plus license;

  1. Logon to the Microsoft Licensing Service Center
  2. At the Top select License => Relationship Summary
  3. Find the appropriate agreement that has the RDS licenses
  4. At the top make a note of the “Customer Number:”

Installing Select Plus Remote Desktop Cals

Next you will need to change the activation method for you licenses to telephone;

  1. Open TS Licensing Manager
  2. Right-click the server name and select Properties
  3. Change the “Connection method” to Telephone and you will need to select a “Country or Region” down the bottom

Installing Select Plus Remote Desktop Cals

Next you will need to get hold of your License Server ID;

  1. Within TS Licensing Manager right-click the server and select Install Licenses
  2. Next
  3. Make a note of the “license server ID”
  4. Leave the window open as we will be entering a “key pack ID” soon

Installing Select Plus Remote Desktop Cals

Next we will generate our “key pack ID”;

  1. Open the webpage
  2. Select the option “Install Client Access License tokens”, Next
  3. Enter the License Server ID and other details and make sure you set the “License Program” to “Other agreement”, Next
  4. Enter the “Quantity” and within the “Agreement number” enter your “Customer Number” from earlier
  5. Next
  6. If all goes well you should get a confirmation screen with our “key pack ID”

Installing Select Plus Remote Desktop Cals

  1. Last we need to enter our “key pack ID” into TS Licensing Manager and finish the wizard


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