DB2 Commands Useful for Basic Admin

I am a SQL guy however from time to time I find I have to do the odd bit of admin on a DB2 server, below are some DB2 commands I have found useful.

Don’t forget to execute these commands using your DB2 instance user (db2instX) for me that would be su -l db2io0

db2stop    # stop db2 process
db2start    # start db2 process

db2 list active databases    # list databases
db2 activate database [dbname]    # activate database
db2 list db directory    # list database directories
db2 connect to [dbname]    # connect to database
db2 list applications    # list applications connected
db2 terminate    # terminate application connection
db2 deactivate database [dbname]    # deactivate database
db2 get db cfg for [dbname]    # show database configuration
update db cfg for [dbname] using logarchmeth1 DISK:[completePath]    #set archive log

db2 commands


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