“You Need Execute Access in Order to Connect with the VMware Console….”

If you get the below message when tring to use the Console in the Virtual Infrastructure Client it is because the permissions have been lost on the configuration file (.vmx) for that Virtual machine

 To restore the permissions

  1. Connect to any VMware Host either directly of though SSH using a application nuch as Putty.
  2. If you logged on using SSH you will need to elevate your privileges to a super user by typing the command su –l and enter the your root password when prompted
  3. Change your directory to the root cd /
  4. Change your directory to the Virtual Machines folder (for example);
cd /vmfs/volumes/VMSF01/CTXCore01/
 Remember Linux uses case sensitive file and folder names, and the command ls will give you a directory missing.
You can find out what data store the Virtual Server is stored on by looking in the Virtual Infrastructure Client, and going to the summary tab for the Virtual Machine
  1. To fix the permissions problem you will need to find the filename of the .vmx file, typing the command ls will list the files in the current directory
  2. To change the permissions on the vmx file type (for example)
chmod 755 CTXCore01.vmx

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