Dynamics NAV – InvalidSecurity

NAV InvlidSecurity

Problem: I recently had to diagnose a computer that could not connect to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Environment. The below message was returned; The client could not establish a connection to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. Fault Code = ‘InvalidSecurity’ …

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VPN connection hangs in “Connecting”

Problem: While testing the Meraki Client VPN feature I noticed what I can only assume is a bug in Windows 10 (I am on 1803). When selecting the Connect option from the WIFI/Network icon in the system tray, the connection …

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VMware – Failed to lock the file

vmfsfilelockinfo -p

Problem: I recently had an issue powering on a VMware guest after a HA problem with one of my host, when I attempted to power on the guest I received the message “Failed to lock the file” in vCentre. Within …

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