PowerShell script to show the state of your laptop battery

Windows holds so much great information in the WMI including information on the battery.

The below is a little PowerShell function that will show you what state your laptop battery is in full, charging etc.

Function Check–BatteryState {
$Bstatus = (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Battery –ea 0).BatteryStatus
if($Bstatus) {
    switch ($Bstatus)
    1 { "Battery is discharging" }
    2 { "The system has access to AC so no battery is being discharged. However, the battery is not necessarily charging." }
    3 { "Fully Charged" }
    4 { "Low" }
    5 { "Critical" }
    6 { "Charging" }
    7 { "Charging and High" }
    8 { "Charging and Low" }
    9 { "Charging and Critical " }
    10 { "Unknown State" }
    11 { "Partially Charged" }            



And on the same lines are the two below one liners.

Check the percentage of charging left in the battery;

(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Battery).estimatedchargeremaining

An estimate of how many minutes charge are remaining;

(Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Battery).EstimatedRunTime

There is a whole load of other good battery information in WMI such as the availability, chemistry and errors \ condition take a look at  W32_Battery Class for more info.

You could very easily create a script to query the condition of you laptops batteries to find ones with a poor condition battery and laptops with have a second battery etc.

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