VBS Script to export the file properties of all files in a folder and its sub folders

The below scripts allows you to select a folder and generate a CSV report detailing the below file properties of all of the file in that folder and the folders sub folders.


  • Path
  • Name
  • Size
  • File Type
  • Date Created
  • Date Last Access
  • Date Last Modified

How to use:

1) Download the attached script or copy and save the below as something like report_file_properties.vbs

2) Run the script

3) Use the dialog to browse the folder you want to report on and press OK

4) Wait, the script may that a while to run depending on the number of files in the folder and sub folders. When it is complete you will get a message like the below.

The report will be created in the same directory as the script

5) Press Yes to see the report which should look something like the below.

The script:

Dim objFSO, startFolder, OlderThanDate
'Flags for files
Const ForReading = 1
Const ForWriting = 2
Const ForAppending = 8
' Flags for browse dialog
Const BIF_returnonlyfsdirs   = &H0001
Const BIF_dontgobelowdomain  = &H0002
Const BIF_statustext         = &H0004
Const BIF_returnfsancestors  = &H0008
Const BIF_editbox            = &H0010
Const BIF_validate           = &H0020
Const BIF_browseforcomputer  = &H1000
Const BIF_browseforprinter   = &H2000
Const BIF_browseincludefiles = &H4000
currentScriptPath = Replace(WScript.ScriptFullName, WScript.ScriptName, "") 
reportFile = currentScriptPath & "FilePropertiesReport.csv"
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objDlg = WScript.CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
' Use the BrowseForFolder method.
Set objStartFolder = objDlg.BrowseForFolder (&H0, _
    "Select the folder you want to report on, su folder will also be reported", BIF_editbox + BIF_returnonlyfsdirs)
' Here we use TypeName to detect the result.
If InStr(1, TypeName(objStartFolder), "Folder") > 0 Then
	startFolder = objStartFolder.ParentFolder.ParseName(objStartFolder.Title).Path
	'Create report file and add CSV Header
	Set objReportFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(reportfile, ForWriting)
	objReportFile.Write("Path, Name, Size (kb), Type, Date Created, Date Last Accessed, Date Laste Modified"  & chr(13) & chr(10))
	'Run the function
	ReportFiles startFolder
	'Close the report
	'Ask to open the report now or just close
	strMbox = MsgBox("Reporting Complete. " & chr(13) & chr(10) &"The report has been saved to: " & reportFile & chr(13) & chr(10) & chr(13) & chr(10) & "Would you like to open the report now?",4,"Open report now?")
	if strMbox = 6 Then
		objShell.Run reportFile
	End if
	MsgBox "An error has occured."
End if
' Function
Function ReportFiles(folderName)
   Dim objFolder, objFile, fileCollection, folderCollection, subFolder
   Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(folderName)
   Set fileCollection = objFolder.Files
   For Each objFile In fileCollection
		strFilePath = chr(34) & objFile.Path & chr(34)
		strFileName = chr(34) & objFile.Name & chr(34)
		strFileSize = objFile.Size / 1024
		strFileType = chr(34) & objFile.Type & chr(34)
		strFileDateCreated = objFile.DateCreated
		strFileDateLastAccessed = objFile.DateLastAccessed
		strFileDateLastModified = objFile.DateLastModified
		objReportFile.Write(strFilePath & "," & strFileName & "," & strFileSize & "," & strFileType & "," & strFileDateCreated & "," & strFileDateLastAccessed & "," & strFileDateLastModified & chr(13) & chr(10))
	'Loop for each sub folder
    Set folderCollection = objFolder.SubFolders
    For Each subFolder In folderCollection
       ReportFiles subFolder.Path
End Function


4 thoughts on “VBS Script to export the file properties of all files in a folder and its sub folders”

  1. Sorry, if I’ve commented twice on this – but I was wondering how the script might be modified to add properties, such as GPS location from a JPEG file in particular, to the fields that are exported to the CSV file.

  2. Hi,

    You’re fantastic! I’m wondering if you could add the document property “Title” to the script AND if a user could populate the “Title” field in the report, created by your script AND have the report imported back into the folder, to update the “title” document property for all the files.

    Is this asking too much? 🙂

  3. This script worked for most of the folders but for a folder which had user profiles it is throwing an error for the below line in the script.

    Line for which script is throwing error
    objReportFile.Write(strFilePath & "," & strFileName & "," & strFileSize & "," & strFileType & "," & strFileDateCreated & "," & strFileDateLastAccessed & "," & strFileDateLastModified & chr(13) & chr(10))

    Folder-File-Details.vbs(144, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Invalid procedure call or argument

    I also tried to run the script with Cscript with a admin CMD window.


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