The OSI Model

Overview of the OSI Model For Host-to-Host communications to to take place a consistent model is required especially when the Host-to-Host communications is taking place between different vendors. The OSI model was created so different vendors would have a standard …

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Function to return a folders size (vbs)

Here is a little VBS function that will return the size of a folder in bytes set oFS = WScript.CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) ‘Example of Usage wscript.echo GetFolderSize(“c:\temp”) ‘The Function Function GetFolderSize(folderpath) set oFolder = oFS.GetFolder(folderpath) GetFolderSize = oFolder.Size End function  

VMWare VCB & Backup Exec Script

I recently started using the VMWares Consolidated Backup product to backup the virtual servers on our VMWare ESX hosts. Dues to our VCB proxy server only having a 40Gb Hard Drive we where having problems with the pre-command script that …

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