How to move an Unifi device to another site

In this short guide I will cover how to move a Ubiquiti Unifi device from one site to another site on your controller. There are of course many reasons why you may want to do this. The most common being when you have a device at one site that is no longer needed and you can make use of it at another site.

Be aware that when you move a device from one site to another it will take on the configuration of the destination site almost immediately. Do start the process until you have stopped using the device at its current site.

  • Logon to you Unif controller.
  • In the top right change to site to the source site you want to move your device from.
  • Select Devices on the left
  • Select the device you want to move.
  • Select Config
  • Under Manage => Forget Device. Select the site you wish to move the device to
  • Read and Confirm the request

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