VMware VMRC: Failed to install hcmon driver

Problem – Failed to install hcmon driver:

While trying to install VMware’s VMRC on Microsoft Windows 10 the installation fails with error “Failed to install hcmon driver”

In my case I was trying to install VMRC version 7.0.1-2508353


The solution that resolved the error for me was to run the installer with elevated privileges.

  • Open a command prompt as administrator.
  • Launch the installer from the elevated command prompt.

24 thoughts on “VMware VMRC: Failed to install hcmon driver”

  1. Your solution solve my hard problem in few minutes. Without this part in my vm didn`t work bridget connection, and I can`t finished my job in time. Thank you!

  2. Hello,
    it did not worked for me on windows 10 build 1607
    it may help someone else :
    my user is in administrator group and as a workaround i switched user (ctrl-alt del -> switch user and choosed administrator)
    and then i ran the msi as administrator and it installed properly.
    i did not had to uninstall anything (except vmware integration client 6.0 but i am not sure if it is relevant to this issue)



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