VMware: Unable to access file since it is locked

Problem – VMware Unable to access file since it is locked

I recently had a problem where the backup of one of my VMware vSphere Guest servers created a 400Gb snapshot and filled up the datastore.

After deleting the offending snapshot VMware informed me I needed to consolidate the disks. When attempting to consolidate the disks I keep receiving the following notification;

“Unable to access file since it is locked. An error occurred while consolidating disks: One or more disks are busy.”

Unable to access file since it is locked


First I shut down the server that had was running the backup job that triggered the issue, but that did not make a difference for me.

Next I found the host the guest was running on and using the hosts console restarted the Management Agents. After that I could then successfully consolidate the disks.


Restarting the Management agents on an ESXi or ESX host (1003490)


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  1. I Know, more than 6 yeast… but, thank you very much, this solved the problem, and is the most easy and less risky way to solve this!


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