Changing Permissions on a Registry Key Using Group Policy

The below steps will slow you how to set the permissions on a given registry key using Group Policy, this is vey useful is you want to run a script with user privileges that needs to modify a certain registry key.

  1. Create new Group Policy or modify an existing policy.
  2. Expand Computer Configuration => Windows Settings => Security Settings
  3. Right-client Registry and select Add Key
  4. Browse down to desired registry key and click OK
  5. You will now be prompted with the security tab for that registry key, make the desired changes and click OK.
  6. Select if you want the permissions to be inheritable or not and click OK

When you are browsing for the key in step 4 the registry keys shown will be from local computer that you are using to edit the policy, if this computer does not have the desired registry key you may need to edit the policy from a computer that does have the key.


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