Drift Life App Not Connecting With Camera

I have a Ghost X camera that  I use when cycling. I recently put the Drift Life companion app on my iPhone, so I could easily tweak some settings. But the app would not connect to the camera. 

You are supposed to turn turn the camera WiFi on, join your phone to a ad-hoc WiFi network the camera broadcasts (Ghost-X in my case). Then when you launch Drift Life app and press the “Camera Connect” option, it should connect to the camera and all good.

When I launched the app and  selected the “Connect Camera” option I was prompted to join the camera’s WiFi even though I was already connected. The Next button was greyed out.


It turns out it was a permissions issue. I had denied the app the permission to use my location.

In the world of iOS the “Location” permission is required to retrieve the name (SSID) of the connected WiFi network. As the app did not have the “Location” permission it did not know it was on the camera’s network.

How to grant the Location permission on iOS

  • Open Settings
  • Locate and tap the “Drift Life” app in the bottom section
  • Change the location permission to “While using the app”.
  • “Precise Location” also needs to be Enabled for some reason.

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