iTop Mod: WYSIWYG CKEditor (for iTop 1.0.1)

iTop by Combodo


UPDATE: This feature should be making it's way into iTop in the near future. Thanks to the iTop developers for a great application!

Modification Overview:

I have created a mod for integrating the popular open source WYSIWYG editior CKEditor with iTop though a new attribute AttributeHTML, please feel free to use and distribute this modification but please do so at your own risk neither myself, or Combodo offer support for this modification.

As well as the nicety of being able to format Document notes and highlight sections in tickets using CKEditor gives the added the benefits of functions such as a spell checker and potentially using the built in template plugin for ticket templates for common types of calls

This is the first implementation of this mod and as such some things could be done better and some things may not work, for example when creating an incident as you type in the box the validation icon on the right does not disappear.

If you do make any improvement or fixes to this modification please share them.

Take a look at these screenshots to get an idea what the modification does;

large_Adding a Ticket.png

large_Viewing a Document Note.png

Applying the Mod:

Download the attached ZIP

If you have clean unmodified version of iTop simply replace your versions of the files with the versions in the "Changed Files for iTop 1.0.1" folder of the zip, or you can follow the instructions in the file Manual Install Steps for iTop 1.0.1.txt

You will then need to download CKEditor and setup iTop

Once you have applied the mod you will then be able to change the desired AttributeText field to AttributeHTML

Settings up CKEditor
Download CKEditor this example is using verson 3.4.2, extract the contents to your /js directory
You don't need the _samples or _source directories so you can delete those if you like
You should have a structure similar to this /js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js

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