Outlook: Find when a message was modified

In this post I will give you a couple of different methods to get the last modified date of an email. This could be used to see if a mail has been modified in some way after being recieved.

For a single email

  • You can simply select the mail in the message list and press Alt+Enter
  • You will get a properties windows appear with statistics including the last modified time stamp
outlook last modified_01

Multiple Emails

This can be done by adding a column into the message list, you could then easily look for any mails that have been modified after a certain date. To add the last modified date as a column in the message list you would;

  • Go to the View ribbon
  • Select Add column
  • Change the “Select available columns from” drop down to “Date/time fields”
  • Add modified to the right
  • Change the order as required
  • Press OK

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