PCSXR on Ubuntu : /libpcsxcore/ix86_64/ix86-64.c:160: MEMADDR_OP: Assertion `!isreg || reg != X86_TEMP’ failed


After installing the PlayStation 1 emulator PCSXR from the Ubuntu repo I would get the below error whenever I tried to run a disk or a disk image.

pcsxr: ../libpcsxcore/ix86_64/ix86-64.c:160: MEMADDR_OP: Assertion `!isreg || reg != X86_TEMP' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)


  • In your home directory view hidden folders by pressing CTRL+H and open the .pcsxr folder
  • Edit the pcsxr.cfg file
  • Change the CPU value from 0 to 1. This apparently “disables dynamic binary translation in favour of a pure interpreter”
  • Save and close the confiig and rerun PCSXR



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