Retro Bits: My first computer the Amstrad CPC 464

Back in the late 80’s my dad was sent down the shops to pick up some bits for the house, but to my mums dismay he returned with an Amstrad CPC 464 and an addition to the credit card bill. My mums response to this was the computer could stay but it would be primarily mine. That’s how the story goes anyway. It is far to say the introduction of a computer into my life at such a young age (I must of been about 6 ) set me off down a path of loving what could be done with computers.

I mainly used the Amstrad for games but at some point I remember looking though an Amstrad magazine at pictures of games and I coming across some program code to copy. I can’t remember what it did, it probably just displayed some text on the screen or something but when it ran it suddenly clicked this is how games get made, and the question came to mind, could I make a game? Well that would come later in my Atari ST days but the Amstrad opened my mind to some of those ideas.

The Facts

The CPC 464 was one of the most successful computers in Europe and sold more than two million computers. Released in 1984 it featured 64KB of RAM and a Z80 CPU running at 4Mhz. For its time it had a pretty efficient OS called AMSDO. Software was loaded (slowly) via a cassette tape.

Games I Loved

Werewolves of London

By far one f the games I remember playing the most was Werewolves of London by Viz Design released in 1987

The idea of the game is to find all of the members of a family that cursed you. During the day you are human and can walk around freely but at night you turn into a werewolf, you get additional abilities but in your werewolf form the police will attack you. Progress is measured by seven crosses, a cross fr each family member.





I played Ghostbusters by Activision realed in 1985 a far bit.

Has anybody seen a ghost? Matter of fact yes they have!

At this very moment hundreds of ghosts are making their way to the infamous spook central.

Only you can save the world from biblical proportions. To do this you must make it to the top of the temple of Zuul. You can only do this when you have killed a large number of ghosts, made more money then what you started with, and survived the dangerous streets. So go show ’em how you do it downtown

by CPC Wiki


Bomb Jack

Need I same more, this game ruled and has been ported to multiple platforms including the PS4

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