Cisco Debugging Via SSH

If like me you what to see the output of a debug command via a SSH connection, follow the below steps

If you are new to Cisco or just want to improve your skills I recommend this course from Udemy at the time of writing for just $20 for lifetime access! I’m also a really big fan of Pluralsight

1) Enable Virtual Terminal Logging

SSH into the router and get yourself into privileged (Enable) mode and enter the command

terminal monitor

2) Enable Debugging on Virtual Terminal

In order to enable debugging messages on your virtual terminal, enter the following commands:

no debug all
conf t
logging monitor debugging
logging on

3) Debug

Enter your Debug command for example:

debug ip rip

4) How to turn it all off

Once you are done you can turn off debugging using the following

no debug all
terminal no monitor
conf t
no logging monitor

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