Windows Active Desktop Recovery Will Not Recover

We set our users Wallpapers via group policy using Active Desktop, occasionally we find we get the Active Desktop recovery screen but no matter how many times we press the “Recover” button or restart the machine the normal Wallpaper will not come back.

The only way we have found so far to get the Wallpaper back is to;

  • Open Display Properties => Setting
  • Change the “Color quality” to something different (In our case from 32-bit to 16-Bit) and click Apply
  • Watch the screen go black and flicker a few times
  • Change the “Color quality” back to the previous setting and click Apply

If you find you only have half a wallpaper at this point click on the desktop and press F5
This problem mainly seems or occur on machine with multiple monitors such as laptops, I guess it is another Microsoft “feature”

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