DHCP Failover – Error 20010 The specified option does not exist


When configuring DHCP failover for one of my scopes the process kept failing with the message “Configure failover failed. Error 20010. The specified option does not exist”


Right-clicking on IPv4 and selecting “Set Predefined Options” I confirmed that both DHCP servers had the same custom options created. This is the normal cause of this message, however in my case even though both servers had the exact same predefined options configured the message persisted.

I narrowed the issue down to a particular option by creating a new test scope with the same options and removing the configured options one by one until replication worked. I still don’t know what the exact cause was but I determined I no longer required this option on the scope so I removed it from the scope configuration.

My guess is it had something to do with that the scope coming over from a 2003 server to a 2016 server via the netsh export/import commands. I can only guess there is a bit of dodgy configuration around this predefined option but everything else seems fine.

Below is a screenshot of the option that was causing me pain;

DHCP failover error

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