VBS Script to Retrieve the Screen Resolution

UPDATE: I no longer use this method, instead take a look at this post VBS Script to get a computers screen aspect ratio


The below script will display the screen resolution of the computer.

I use this script as part of a logon script to deploy wallpaper

array_ScreenRes = GetScreenResolution
screenRes_X = array_ScreenRes(0)
screenRes_Y = array_ScreenRes(1)
wscript.echo "Resolution is: " & screenRes_X & " by " & screenRes_Y
Function GetScreenResolution()
	Set oIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
	With oIE
		Do Until .readyState = 4: wscript.sleep 100: Loop
			width = .document.ParentWindow.screen.width
			height = .document.ParentWindow.screen.height
	End With
	GetScreenResolution = array(width,height)
End Function


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