How to import MVLS Microsoft Licensing Data in SCCM 2007

SCCM 2007 has some great reports such as 14A and 14B which allow you to view how many and what computers are using a license from you volume license agreements, and what software you are under licensed for.

But first you will need to get you license details from Microsoft into SCCM. If you read the documentation on how to do this it pretty much says go to the Licensing poratl and download your licenses without an explanation of how, the below aims to explain this further.

Obtain Information from the Microsoft Licensing Portal

1) First you will need a computer with Internet Explorer 7.x or greater and Excel 2003 or greater
2) Open Excel
2a) Excel 2003 – choose “Import External Data” and then “New Web Query” and go to
2b) Excel 2007 – Choose “Data” and THEN “From Web” and go to
3) Login to site with credentials that hold most if not all microsoft agreements
4) Then choose “View the new License Summary” on the screen that appears will be atable with product information
5) Next to the word “Product Pool” there will a tick or selection box to select table on the left hand side, when you click on it the “Click to delect table will appears now click on import button and click “OK” to the next dialog box that appears

Edit Excel Document

You now need to make following changes to document

1) Delete Sheet 2 and 3
2) Name the Sheet License Data
3) Delete Column A
4) For each cell in column C (excluding theheader) adding the character ‘ before the data so Excel treats it as a string not a number
5a) Excel 2003– Save file as XML Spreadsheet (*.XML) to network share
5b) Excel 2007– Save file as XML Spreadsheet 2003 (*.XMl) to network share

Import Data to SCCM

1) Log onto your SCCM server
2) Open z command prompt and change to the following directory C:\Program Files\MicrosoftConfiguration Manager\bin\i386
3) Now run following

cmd mvlsimport /file <UNC path of the MVLS XML file saved above>


cmd mvlsimport /file\\Fileserver\share\test1.xml

And hit Enter

View Report Data

1) Run SCCM reports
i) License 14A – Microsoft Volume Licensing Reconciliation Report
ii) License 14B – List of Microsoft Software Inventory not found in MVLS

6 thoughts on “How to import MVLS Microsoft Licensing Data in SCCM 2007”

  1. Awesome article. I was looking for a way to get this stuff to import for months. Using your instructions to edit the spreadsheet I was able to get this to import in less than 5 minutes. Now I can finally reconcile my MSVL stuff to the inventoried software on the machines.

  2. hi,

    just wanted to say thank you for providing this article. i have tried all the methods i could find (official and non-official) and none of them worked until i attempted the method you outlined for us.

    many many thanks


  3. hello,

    I followed the instructions fully and I do not see anything in the reports. does it make a difference that I immported the summary in excel 2010?

    am I missing anything – when I use the import feature I get an error
    “Failed to import licencsing data into the site database”

    any suggestions?

  4. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for the information, I was able to import the data, but while run the report it was not showing currectly.
    Step 4 (column C)in Edit excel file was realy helped me….

  5. This was a good solid instruction for handling the import process. I did have to tweak things a bit though in order to get it to work. I was using Excel 2010 and in addition to adding the single quote to column C, I also formatted the first three columns as text and the second 3 as numbers. It’s also very important that the sheet be named correctly, after I downloaded the CSV file from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center, the sheet was named:LicenseSummary date which failed on import. After I renamed it the import worked fine.


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