Unifi Inform Status: Server Reject

Setting the inform address for an Unifi device fails with “Status: Server Reject”. This is an issue I have had a couple of times. So I thought I would start to document the resolutions as and when it happens.

So I have had it with a new out the box device and also when moving a device to a different part of the LAN. When you SSH into the device and issue the “info” command you are greeted with the message “Status: Server Reject”

Solution 1 – Check your URL

So I spent far too long once trying to work out why a new out the box switch would not talk to the controller. The issue was I had entered the controller address currently but missing the /inform from the end of the URL.

Always check the basics!

Solution 2 – Factory default

I once had an access point that was working fine and then just stopped talking to the controller, it showed as disconnected on the controller. When connecting to it via SSH and issuing the info command I was getting the Server Reject message

I removed the device from the controller using Select Device => Config => Manage Device => Forget the device option. I again attempted to issue the set-inform command without luck.

I then factory defaulted the access point via SSH using the command syswrapper.sh restore-default

After the AP rebooted I could then successfully perform the set-inform.

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